Code-first GraphQL apis in TypeScript with complete end-to-end type safety

Welcome! 👋 Uniform GraphQL is a library for building GraphQL apis in TypeScript.

Type Safety First Example


🤝 Uniform type system: write once in TypeScript, get GraphQL schema for free.

👨‍💻 Code-first by default, but can be partially used as schema-first.

🚀 No code generation. Your code becomes instantly usable.

🔬 Sophisticated type system adjusted to the complexities of GraphQL.

💡 Single source of truth for your api.

😌 No manual typecasting, no decorators, no runtime type checking.


This has been a solo effort for the first 4 months, and it's ready to get some feedback and hopefully become a group effort. If you're interested, check out our community links. Any feedback or questions you have, I'll be happy to take them on the official Gitter!

Disclaimer: This library is not production ready. Check out our roadmap for more information.
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